Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Loved You at My Best

I Loved You at My Best

© 2010 Kier Andrew G. Chu

It started out with a text,
It started out with a laugh,
But how did we end up like this,
And How did I end up like fool.

We knew we play it in fair,
But still we lost in ashame.
It was only a game,
And it was us, that had tame.

I never did notice,
That I loved you at me best.
But I too never did notice
I mean nothing to you at least.

I'm trying not to give up with you,
But your giving me a reason to forget you.
I don't believe everything has an ending,
But it was you, who have proven that fairytales are not lying.

Where is the passion we have promised?,
Where is the love that marks in the stone?,
Why I'm falling to pieces eveytime?,
Why I always have thought that my best was the worst?.


  1. You have talent for writing, keep going with it.

  2. hi, thank you Ryan. I guess you are from bloggeries?. lol. thanks for follow and comments :D

  3. you're welcome. and thanks for following back!

  4. Orayt.. thank you AEHLYN. keep visiting my BLOG guys :D

  5. Beautiful! BTW I love the layout of your blog :)

  6. wow. jeez. .thanks HOPEFUL LEARNER. :D