Thursday, May 20, 2010

Say You Love Me

Say You Love Me

© 2010 Kier Andrew G. Chu

My love was so deep and so in love
Like the moon that shines from above
And my heart that was stack with your soul
Like spirit that follows is the goal

The beats that keep knocking and clapping
Surely it pleases my heart laughing
Piercing my body with poison
No blood, No scratch, just an antidote

If you really love me
Please say you love me
Please show you like me
Please don't leave me

Next time you hear the tackle of my heart
Please listen again from the heart
And I hope we meet each other again
So I can give me heart again and again


  1. aaaaaw. Love in all it's hunger for reciprocation.

  2. I quite like this site =) It's relaxing. Content is not bad also. Well done!

  3. awww love is all about pure emotion. It is always hard when the love one feels for another is not adequatley reciproctated.

  4. yeah!!!! :D.. thank you guys. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU HAD COMMENT HERE :D.
    IM so glad and grateful. thank you, YAGIRLNEXTDOOR,Raithie,TeenageBride :D

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  6. Great Stuff, and I love the tagline quote

  7. Kier,
    Your heart seems to be naturaly poetic. It's good to share feelings with others - in a way we spread the good thoughts around the world.

    Nice blog...keep it up!